Event Hubs is a feature within the Azure and is intended to help with the challenge of handling an event based messaging at huge scale.  To be specific it is a Highly scalable data streaming platform.

The idea is that if you have apps or devices publishing telemetry events then Event Hubs can be the ingestion point and your can send/push messages to Event Hub. Under the hood Event Hub will create a stream of all of these events which can be read at any time through different ways. This processing of events can happen through Stream processing or direct, and push them for Real-time Analytics or processed message can be stored in to Cold storage for doing historical analytics on your data.

  • Event Hubs can ingest and process messages at larger scale, such as millions of messages per second.
  • Provides Publish/Subscribe communication capabilities
  • Support for AMQP and HTTP protocols
  • SAS token based authentication to identify and authenticate event publisher.
  • Scalable Through-put units, purchased as needed.

To read more about Event Hubs visit here